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Ayurveda, also known as Life Knowledge or Life Wisdom is a 5000-year-old traditional naturopathic healing system of medicine that originated in India. 

Ayurveda is the connection with everything living. Ayurveda teaches us that we are a part of nature and everything in nature including our bodies and minds are composed of 5 elements, or doshas of vata, pitta and kapha: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. All doshas are within everyone, but the ratio between them varies from person to person. Each person's constitution is unique to them. You are one of a kind, and all of your life experiences make you and your needs unique. Your constitution influences your size, likes and dislikes, psychology, emotional reactions, habits, and likeness towards certain diseases. Learning to keep your doshas in balance can be enlightening to your life. For this reason, there is no lifestyle or diet that can heal us all the same. Ayurveda looks at each individual, as an individual and how they relate to food, season changing, aging, etc.


Before knowing how you can heal yourself you need to first look at yourself from an Ayurvedic perspective. Every living being has an inherent tendency to move in the direction of self-healing and balance. All of our bodies have a built-in intelligence and capacity to heal anything. 

What to Expect

Through ZOOM or an in-person consultation, we will have an initial intake of 2-2.5 hours to discover your constitutional nature and the status of your doshas and imbalances. Knowledge of your prakriti allows you to know when your body is out of balance, and how to get your body back to balance to prevent health issues. 

With your assessment results, you will receive a customized wellness plan with nutritional, lifestyle, herbal remedies, spices and cooking, cleansing, subtle therapies, psychology, and more. Follow up consultations are recommended. After receiving your wellness plan, you should take the time to implement it. New insights will allow us to shift or move deeper into our plan to restore balance. 

Currently, I am enrolled in a Student Training program. You can sign up for a consultation with me here. My work with clients at this point in my training will be under review by my teachers and ayurvedic doctors. All proceeds go directly to our school system. 




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