What is A Virtual Yoga Class?

virtual yoga

Virtual Yoga & Barre

Virtual yoga & barre, what a concept. Thank you, covid. Before the pandemic hit, virtual yoga or virtual workout classes essentially meant going onto youtube and pressing play on a prerecorded yoga class. Within the first few weeks of the global shut down, True Blue put all of their regularly scheduled True Blue classes online via ZOOM. Classes are live. Just like any studio class, you tune in at a certain time, and you are joined in the same moment with a number of others. When everyone's camera is on, we are able to connect before class, catch up, and then flow together in the same way we normally would.

If our class schedule does not work for you, make sure to check out our On-Demand classes to take as many classes as you would like at any time and anywhere

Virtual classes were new to many people, including me. It takes discipline, it takes surrender and commitment. When we arrive at a traditional studio class, we have the time in our car to drive & decompress. We have the act and routine of taking off our shoes, taking off layers of clothes, rolling out our mat, and arriving in a quiet and calm space. Taking our practice to our homes really brings yoga back to its purpose. In order to zone out in our homes, we have to come inwards in a totally new way. While this might be hard at times, we can realize that yoga is not in a place, it's not in one moment, it's always with us and always available. Yoga is tuning out the world so you can tune into yourself. This doesn’t happen in one room, it is everywhere.

Set up your home space, or take your yoga practice with you and tune in from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Meditation

Virtual meditation is everything you didn't know you needed. Our meditation practice can be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour, but more importantly it is about finding a consistent practice. Meditating together is one way that we can show up for something that can be hard, rather than starting a new routine on our own. When we meditate together, we have time to show up, wake up, and sit together.

Each time we meditate, our experiences can be different. We might come with expectations that if we meditate we will get to a certain place of relaxation, but it can actually be the opposite. We can get agitated, restless, and bored, but we can feel really calm after. Our meditation practice can move us forward, connect us in, and help us to be still. Finding mental space through meditation as a tool for coping with the waves of life is a gift you can give yourself.

Meditation isn’t trying to avoid or fix anything, it is about perspective, stillness, and observation. It is a practice that takes out 10-20 minutes a day, yet it can change your life.