Class Offerings

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga that syncs movement with the breath through a sequence of yoga poses. At times vinyasa yoga can be referred to as a moving meditation, moving seamlessly with consciousness from pose to pose with the breath. Each class is different and will allow opportunities to take different modifications and options to accommodate each individual's practice. Our breath initiates our movement, and our practice builds strength, balance, and flexibility. With a slow warm-up we work to a peak similar to a cardiovascular climb and then into a cool down.

Gentle yoga

Gentle Yoga is a class for everyone. Whether you are working with a physical injury, if you are older in age or looking for a gentle class to begin your yoga journey with, gentle yoga is intended to be accessible for everyone. This class focuses on stretching and breathing rather than strength building and cardiovascular movements. It is intended to be calming and reduce stress while becoming aware of the physical body. This class moves through a lot of stagnant poses on the floor, supporting balancing postures, standing, and restorative postures. It is a class designed to bring each person back to center through guided relaxation. This class can be a great place to start for anyone looking to build their practice.

During this time, students can be introduced to yoga and the language while moving through a slower-paced practice. This practice will help with the introduction of breath work, pose alignment, and mindfulness.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow yoga is a vinyasa yoga class that is taken at a slower pace. It is the perfect class for anyone who is looking for a starting point to yoga. The class at times can be gentle and it is beginners friendly in terms of being challenged but the class is always moving through a flow, connecting the breath with movement. Students can be introduced to yoga, yoga, breathwork, pose alignment, and mindfulness.

Stretch & Tone

Stretch & tone was created to combine yoga, dance, and barre, all of our favorite things. This class is similar to a Pilates or Barre class, using bodyweight and gravity to strengthen and tone the entire body. In combination, this class will incorporate short yoga flows in between exercises to increase the added benefits of yoga and flexibility.


Barre is a workout that will strengthen and tone your entire body, focusing on our favorite targets of hips, thighs, bums, abs, and arms. Barre is a low-impact class that protects your joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping movements. The class is broken into working then stretching each section of the body. This helps create long and lean muscles without any bulking. For this hour you will be focused on the “now”, completely zoned in on your body and building your muscles.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a deep practice that holds poses for 3-5 minutes targeting the connective tissue. In this class, we will use multiple props (or pillow and blankets from our homes) to set the body up comfortably for deep stretches and longer hold times within yin poses. This cooling practice is the perfect compliment to our regular vinyasa classes. Yin yoga helps us to be present, find acceptance for what is, and lets the layers of holding within the body release.