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True Blue, once upon a time True Blue Studio, is an all-encompassing virtual wellness company. During the 2020 pandemic, we shifted our business to change with the changing world. We noticed that people's lives are changing and in the midst of uncertainty developing a home practice, and spiritual practice was more important than ever before. In order to reach anyone anywhere, we created an On-Demand platform that offers hundreds of classes, with new classes being added weekly. You can check out our selection of classes here. We offer online Ayurvedic Counseling, and Reiki locally.

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My name is Amanda Audibert, I am a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, spiritual coach, sister, friend, daughter, business owner, fiance, meditator, and big-time journaler. In no particular order of favoritism.

My passion is to help people find their way out of their trenches and into their light. The fastest and surest way I can make this happen is not by managing a single location. My hope is that by becoming a mainly virtual wellness business, I can broaden my reach, do more, connect more and be of a higher service for everyone I cross paths with both individually and with corporations.

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